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My name is Faya. I'm told it's Portuguese but I don't know what it means. I was rescued by Mum and Dad from the Pound. Before that I lived on a Puppy farm, in a cage. They were not very nice to me at the Puppy farm.

Now I run the Restaurant for Mum and Dad. My main job is to meet and greet the customers when they arrive and to play with the children. I also keep an eye on things when we are closed. Mum says that I am a Brewery Dog but I see myself more as a Restaurant Dog. I like to lie at the door, where I get lots of cuddles.

My favourite toy is a length of Rope and my favourite game is Tug-of-war. I usually win. I will also chase balls and love to chase crows, although I have never caught one.


One of my friends is called Narcissus. He is a Peacock and loves to admire his reflection in the glass doors. He has just lost all his big tail feathers.


Another of my friends is Lambface. She is a sheep owned by Mum and Dad's daughter. I think that must mean that we are Cousins.

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